This is the personal website of Darlene Kreutzer.

Darlene lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and is grateful for family, the light that casts beauty across shadows, music that lifts emotions, a little house and garden filled with colour and love, friends and inspirations, the beauty of nature, the cold spray of a wild lake, the soft barnacle skin of the grey whale and the possibilities that exist in life.

She is a poet, a photographer and dabbles with jewelry making, paint smears on canvas and pencil sketches.  She has written plays and screenplays and some of them have even seen an audience.  She has written a book that only a handful of friends have read (thank you dear friends) as well as poetry, personal essays and dreams of completing a collection of short stories (someday).  She used to care about publications, art shows and briefly had a photography business but now she is content to make art mostly in silence, thankfully she has a really good day job.  

Publications and Press