The Four is a collaboration project which will incorporate photos, poetry and/or a prose response to a bi-weekly challenge. Every second Sunday, we will respond to the challenge and post our results. We will be taking turns issuing the challenges and are excited to see how our interpretations work together. We are four Canadians living in four diverse regions living four distinct lives. Connected by a love of photography, a desire for deeper expression, belief in the power of collaboration and heart's connection.

The artists:

darlene kreutzer
darlene kreutzer

Darlene Kreutzer lives in a wee colourful cottage with her musician husband and sports-minded son in a lovely old eclectic neighbourhood in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. When she is not scribbling in her notebooks or playing with light, she can usually be found sketching, painting, twisting up jewerly designs, puttering in her kitchen and tending her garden.

She is grateful for family, the light that casts beauty across shadows, music that lifts emotions, a little house and garden filled with colour and love, friends and inspirations, the beauty of nature, the ocean's cold spray, the soft barnacle skin of the grey whale and the possibilities that exist in life.

She shares snippets of her life and current obsessions at Hippy Urban Girl

other collaborations include polaroid girls and exquisite corpse collective.

kirsten crilly
kirsten crilly

Kirsten Crilly never imagined when she looked through the lens of her first SLR camera, less then two years ago, that it would forever change the way she saw the world and herself in it. What began as an interest in capturing glimpses of her growing children, has becoming a journey of extraordinary self-discovery. She is incredibly excited to be a part of this collaborative team and is truly grateful to Darlene, Maddie and Jaime for embracing and nurturing this adventure with her.

Not yet accustomed to calling herself a photographer, Kirsten is more comfortable answering to the title of momma…but maybe that’s just because she hears it a whole lot more

She is the homeschooling mother of a logical thinking 9~year~old boy and a dreamy 5~year~old brown~eyed girl. She knows with all certainty she’s learning more about living from them, then she will ever be able to teach them about life.

She would like to take this opportunity to thank her husband, children, family and friends for their constant love and support.

She resides in the Nation’s Capital and is currently dreaming of a little photography studio of her very own.

kirsten michelle’s flickr

Jaime Brandel

Jaime Brandel

Jaime Brandel resides in a cozy little ocean-side space on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. She works as a piano teacher and photographer and can’t decide if it’s more work or play!

She is a blissful wanderer and quiet observer who sees the world in pictures. Her deep respect for the fleeting nature of things entices her to capture little stories inside her camera before they are lost forever.

When she is not looking through the lens, you might find her beachcombing for interesting treasures, climbing small mountains, tending to her small garden or perhaps losing herself in other people’s stories.

rhayne (blog)

rhayne photography

Madelyn Mulvaney

Madelyn Mulvaney

Madelyn Mulvaney is a published writer and photographer who lives in her glorious sea to sky city of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Her curiosity leads her to unchartered magic and she loves to take her camera out to capture the quirks, beauty and poetry of the world.

She loves morning coffee and cuddles, vinyl records, reading books curled up on the front porch, indian summers, scribbling in notebooks, long drives, dreaming up impossible things and saying ‘yes!’

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