dancing darkness twirls in shadows illuminated by the warm flames of light licking walls desire. warm / cool

Beauty resides in walled in secrets hidden beneath the mortar and chipped away as time scrapes across season's last.

warm / cool

I spent some time last month in outrage at the incredible rudeness of being that seemed to spread like an epidemic ripping frowns and frustration through city streets and shopping domains, coffee shops and walls of books. I have decided to destroy the rudness, kill it with kindness and smiles and atttempt to find some sort of virus spread of hello and thank you, smiles and eye contact, a door held open and an excuse me. Its easy to let the rudeness infect but it is far easier to smile and move on, care enough about our world to let out a simple smile and hello.

I find it easy to become stressed and feel the emotions of those around me push out at head's pound and am trying to find new ways to stroll with ease through a world that works to hard to be something else. There are two sides to every beast, the warm and the cool, the anger and the laughter, bubbled together in yin yang solidarity, finding ways to ease the pressure of go go go. do do do. let the song rinse down the conditioner of hate / love .. in contrast we become more than we are.