Life’s Strange wonder

If anyone remembers the post Life's Strange Days on October 27, 2003, this is its vague sequel to my anger over suicide. I feel wonderful because its all turned around and someone that I love and care for has taken the turn in the road and opted for life. This is a great and wonderous decision and lots of good is coming out of it for this person and the world surrounding them.Today apparently, rather tonight, would have been the night and I marvel at the results of this decision on people close and what they would have endured had this happened. Its odd because there are two of us who are close whose birthdays are this friday and saturday. Makes me appreciate this weekend all the more armed with the knowledge that it could have been something much different. I will celebrate my birthday and life and being alive and the people that I love with much greater appreciation. I am happy and going to go join a friend for martini's tonight ... errr ... in 15 minutes actually, wheeeeeeee!