Heritage Hockey to commemorate my birthday, how sweet!

I had such a grand time last night, hanging out at the Four Rooms, listening to the soft sounds of jazz and blues, drinking exotic martinis, eating scrumptious food and laughing with my friends. It really doesn't get better than this. A bit fuzzily drunk and bundled up to stave off the cold nettles of winter, we tromped down the street by City Hall only to discover a mass of people out and about watching a big screen television and a big blown up hockey player towering up to the sky and a rink and people playing hockey and a hot dog stand and well frankly after leaving the jazzy martini haze of warmth to this, well it was all slightly surreal.

Apparently, Commonwealth Stadium which is normally a football field has also been turned into a skating rink and there will be some sort of heritage hockey things with the likes of Gretzky and such. In front of the largest crowd to ever watch a professional hockey game at the first-ever outdoor game in NHL history, the Edmonton Oilers will take to the ice versus the Montreal Canadiens. Even though he vowed never to play in an old-timers' game, Wayne Gretzky will lace up the skates with other Oilers greats to play in a 60-minute Alumni Game against Guy Lafleur and the Canadiens alumni during the day prior to the game Heritage Classic. Brrrrrr ... its a bit freaky actually.

This is all happening on my birthday so I have received more than a few e-mails of people who will no be attending my un-planned birthday 'cause they will be attending this cold cold event. I am happy for them 'cause I'm sure if I were a hockey fan, this would be uberly exciting : ) but I'm not so no worries. Though I do figure, the bars will be empty on Whyte 'cause everyone will be downtown at this thingy, woo hoo, empty spaces for which to drink. I like that!