yesterday’s today’s tomorrow

Running through the deadline driven world from here to there and there to here crying out for escapism in the form of softly molded skin and molten lava heat. Today is all about the meeting, all week has been all about the meeting. Each meeting produces a list of to dos and as there is apparantly always another meeting when are the to dos to get done ... its a conundrum.Well, that was yesterday ... as you can see I never posted because I was off to another meeting of course. So now it is today's tomorrow and today's yesterday has come and gone blown through a night of happy sleep and snuggled snooze. My poor tired brain has been working overtime and the world is seemingly indifferent to my plightless plight as well they should be since I am actually floating along atop a lilypad of gilded edges gazing over at blue green waters and looping myself through changes. I remember a million years ago when my love at the time and I were viewing the world through glossy coloured eyes drifting around the nights with the freedom of youthful optimism hidden behind a facade of cynical smiles. We floated through our classes and wandered around with the relaxed state of no responsibility and we talked as only the truly young can threading careless truths. We decided that of course every time we parted we came back together as two different people because every second of one's life created a new experience and slightly altered our perceptions of both the world and ourselves. So we were forever rediscovering ourselves through each other. That was the theory and whilst as we grow older and button away the newness and float through the deadened state of routine and responsibility, we forget this threaded truth. Even in the routine of life, every second is anew and built on the seconds before, perceptions are altered minutely and so in a day, a week, a month, a year, you emerge a different you built upon the old you. It is something worth remembering as it affects so many parts of life. A person be it a friend, lover, partner or family should never be taken for granted and assumptions should never be let to sit too long. How are you? is not just a sentence strewn out to say hi to the semi-stranger rather it is a heartfelt thought to someone you thought you knew but perhaps you don't. It is interesting how we have a tendency to place people in a certain place and time like a snapshot taken and laid to rest in an album, frozen in a moment, shot in an instance. We forget that a tree grows and blossoms, loses leaves and branches and alters over seasons until one day it is gone and we wonder how that happened. Smile in the thought that today's routine will be tomorrow's memory and smile in the mirror at yourself because you will see someone different the next time. Cherish your loved ones but remember to take the time to get to know them again and again and again. On to the next second! woo hoo!