in the busy

I am too busy today to ramble on in frantic clicks and clacks of keys ... but I have taken the time to post on the side the link to my 100 words for November. This is the work of the Bluedaisies in me. Feel free to read if you are interested though I would love to get some feedback on the whole thing if you are so inclined ... send it to me at the e-mail address shown on the page and I will be a happy girl. This weekend was lovely and I am sporting a new bob, nicely done above my shoulders and many new and lovely clunks of colour. Had a very lovely birthday dinner at the Keg for Ruben's birthday - he's old now ;-) Roo and I spent a lovely time at Dadeo's for brekkie on Sunday and then I dragged her along for my girlie make-up buy and can I say, the girl picked out a lovely lipstick for me that I would never have even considered but am loving! Aiden and Duke and I did are usually Saturday coffee/hot chocolate Starbucks treat and book buying extravaganza though I must confess that I have not yet begun to read the newest buy but will be tonight after the gym I am thinking. Watched Ararat last night and wish I had time to expand beyond that but suffice it to say, as always, Egoyan is a genius.

Eep ... am off to a retreat now so must stop blathering on ... Monday's glow of darkness will retreat into the sparkle of sunshine on snow ... crisp and warm we stroll through the day in a rush of life, dreams, thoughts and interactions. Today is the day of thoughtful banter and caring conversation.