a splinter in your butt

The morning has been an exercise in futility and I am ready for the day's end which seems to stretch ahead in an endless highway of yellow lined streak. Tomorrow I have a flight booked for 6:00 am which given the fact that I need to be there by 5:30 am and the drive there is about 20 minutes which means I have to leave my house shortly after 5:00 am and be awake and in the shower at 4:00 am I am not a happy camper .. the question becomes, should I even bother sleeping? sigh ... I am not looking forward to the early morning and have only recently adjusted to getting up at 6:30 in order to not be flying to work in a wet haired quickly turned frozen only to melt in the elevator up kind of situation. But 4:00 am is just a bit too much even for me ... I may well be a mess of sleep drool at my meeting ...

My baby is oh so very busy again with rehearsals on friday so I will be going to vixen's party alone, rehearsals on saturday so I may be going to roo's belly shaking alone (dependent on time, must call the girl) and cd release party at yardbird on sunday which aiden and I will be attending and he is ever so excited about finally getting to see duke play the drums ... that will be fun. Then he has radio play on monday and .... suffice it to say that we are really looking forward to the week off at Christmas, sitting on our asses, eating, drinking and just generally relaxing.

I have started off december with an exercise bang and have worked out every single day ... oh, I guess there have only been two thus far but whatever 'cause if I continue along in this vein, I will be a healthy vibrant me by the end of the christmas pig-out fest with not an added bit of poundage to my frame. I am a rambling rickety chair splintered off on your butt ... nothing to say but killing time before lunch ... fuck it ... going for lunch now!