Christmas panic

So, I realized today that it was Friday which should have been a pleasant surprise but it really wasn't given that Christmas is really just around the corner and I have much to do before the auspicious event.Yesterday was a complete write off as my head hit the pillow at 9:00 pm and I was blammo off into the world of my abstractions before I could say sleep. In my defense I was up at the most ungodly hour of 4:00 am and spent most of the day on tiny little airplanes pushing through the air, land start, board, exit and again. The day was wonderful though and thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with wonderful passionate people who are doing amazing things. All good things and I am always inspired by the people I am privliged to meet in my work. But, the nagging sense that Christmas is but weeks away is drilling a pain through my head as I realize that I have gifts to buy, gifts to finish, a tree to both find and decorate and I am way behind schedule with all of this. Where does the time go? okay breathe, calm blue ocean I will make good use of this weekend before me and the weeks following so I can brighten my Christmas week with relaxed contentment. The presents will be wrapped under the carefully crafted tree and the food and drink will be flowing for my family and me. Ah yes and I will clone myself so that all will be done in a timely fashion, ah ha! Regardless, I am looking forward to the weekend beginning tonight with christmas party at vixen's and my mom and dad for brunch on saturday, watching roo's belly shake saturday night and then brunch at sidetrack and watching duke's drumming at yardbird. Wait a minute - when am I going to deal with the Christmas issue this weekend? Oh my! Well, Monday may find me in more of a panic or perhaps this cloning of me will have worked out.