la de da do dum

Well, la de da do dum ... the lovely wednesday is before her and she yawns a gaping hole to fill up the stocking of emptiness.The weekend was lovely and busy. I had a wonderful time at vixen's tree decorating and will be posting pictures from that event tonight. Spent a harrowing time shopping and eating with the parental units on Saturday - I say harrowing 'cause it was clanging crazy shopper land of too many people and too much traffic with a whole lotta snow shovelled in for extra fun time. It was nice spending time with the folks though. Saturday night was inspiring and wonderful watching the belly shaking (I will be posting those wonderful pictures of Roo tonight as well) and then out for a lovely drink - woo hoo - Duke and I have found our quiet lounge which is encased in red velvet and flowing silken scarves much in keeping with the belly shake. I will not give away our secret though suffice it to say he is happy because they serve strongbow and I am happy because they serve fun girly drinks and hello people its all about the atmosphere. On Sunday evening Duke played at the Yardbird for Terry Morrison's cd release and it was a listening experience in pleasure. Aiden liked it so much that though we have a cd, he had to buy one for himself. I enjoy the fact that he is getting into music both in listening and participating. Its a good thing. Monday started off with a bang and a fizzle and swim gym and workouts and yet another late night home. Tuesday, Aiden had Orff Concert and Thursday he had Christmas concert so tonight is the tree decorating extravaganza. My tree is nicely tucked away in the garage, hopefully holding its needles nicely until we can get it into water and sparkled up. All the presents are wrapped and waiting patiently for a tree to go under and hee hee its driving Aiden and Duke absolutely crazy. wheeeee. I love Christmas, giving so fun. I am madly trying to finish up my other gifts which means waiting for paint to dry and hovering over my computer like a madwoman and oh my the procrastination ... wheee! I am starting to get quite excited about the whole Christmas thing and let me tell you, its super lovely to actually be able to buy people what I want to buy them and to have the tools to make the creations I like. This weekend will be a baking extravaganza of lovely smells and fat inducing bites for everyone around me ... oh yes, I will be passing along the bakery delight so I can avoid the uber christmas weight gain. Hmmm, though, have been working out like a demon and am feeling quite great actually so maybe I can indulge just a little. I have been compiling recipes for the big christmas dinner hosting with mon famille and am going to do an apple brine for the turkey and oh the delights of food to be created. Oh my god! I am completely domesticated - when the hell did that happen. I blame Duke ;-) To balance this whole new world of domesticity and corporate shinanegans, I am going to have to buy a completely sexy hip dress for new years eve in order to make myself feel less like susy homemaker ... hahahaha ... I suppose its a good thing to move forward onto new and exciting realms of who we are and its always good to explore all sides of the equation in life and live the lives of many different aspects of one's possibilities. Besides I am having a blast and feeling ever so happy so all is good. The hunger swells are upon me and the world is gauzy in its creation of the surreal. If we can supposedly go 3 weeks without eating, 3 days without water, and 3 minutes without air .. then why am I in so need of a tall glass of coldly condensed ice topped off with a splash of water, a plate of steaming hot food to fill the hole in my belly and an inhalation of smoked air dangling in the pages of a book.