100 Things About Me

1. I would say that I am a simple girl/woman/person. My friends would say I am complicated. I am probably somewhere sliced into the centre of that axis. 2. I was born in a small northern town surrounded by a beautiful lake and wonderful nature. I find the natural world healing both then and now.

3. For fun and love I plowed ahead and finished my English degree. For practical sake I finished an Education degree. I am not teaching 'cause it turned out not to be quite as practical as I thought. So, now I work in government and I hate it and love it all at once.

4. Obviously I enjoy writing ergo the blog. I have written a play that was performed at the Fringe Festival. It was fun and I may someday do so again. I have written a couple of screenplays and then directed, filmed and edited them. It was fun and I will definitely do so again. I write poetry (some good/some bad). I am working on a novel (its a slow process). Short stories are the bane of my existance. I am plowing through a collection of short stories right now.

5. I also love painting with oils and acrylics and apparently I am becoming quite crafty, who knew? The bane of my existance is getting back to the basics of drawing. I used to draw all the time but time does not stand still and skills are wasted in the pursuit of other interests and so am trying to rebuild the basics. It is a bit trying. update: but its going well : )

6. I have a lovely son whom I adore and is the light of my existance. He is loving and giving and caring and talented and intelligent and I am one lucky mom. I share my son with his father in a week with mom/week with dad arrangement and would like to say that I am again one very lucky girl in that it works wonderfully. When grown ups are able to put their shit aside and put their child's needs first, then all is good. My son has 2 actively involved parents and 2 actively involved pseudo parents and we all come together for his many shining events and all is good. I like to optimistically believe that all things work out if you are willing to put a little work into it.

7. I have an amazing boyfriend husband who supports me, lifts me up and lights up my days. 8. I have amazing friends who make me laugh and cry and help me to believe in myself more.

9. I am a social introvert. I need my time with me, myself and I to fully enjoy the outside world which sometimes weighs upon my soul with pain if I do not have the time to regroup within myself.

10. I like the smell of orange peel on my fingers.

11. I crave chocolate, cigarettes and caffiene. I may keep the chocolate. Update: I no longer crave cigarettes and am happily a non-smoker, yah me! Now for that blasted caffiene ;-) Update: down to one cup a day! Update: am off the coffee!

12. I have severe asthma which I loathe in a wheezy fashion.

13. I lied on my skydiving waiver about my asthma so that I could skydive. It was amazing and worth the lie though I've promised not to do so again.

14. I have skinnydipped under the moon as the waves curled around my skin.

15. I have been engaged three times, married once twice.

16. I am a reformed committment phobic.

17. I dated someone nine years younger than me, was engaged to someone nine years younger than me and he is now a good friend.

18. I find it easier to retain long term friendships with men. Update: I do think that is changing the older I am getting.

19. In the past three years, I have finally discovered the joy of women friendships. Of course, I have finally lucked out and met some amazing women. Update: Some super fantastical women!

20. I have kissed many girls.

21. I am happily in a committed relationship and dammit this one's forever. Remember, I'm no longer committment phobic.

22. Life terrifies me and exhilerates me all at the same time.

23. I like sleeping in on a dark cold morning snuggled next to my baby.

24. I once puked in a hat in the backseat of a car to avoid anyone knowing that I had puked. I was fifteen and so forgive myself this indiscretion. I am now fully able to puke freely so the urge should overtake me which it hasn't in quite a while.

25. I once completed a triathalon but that was a long time ago and I would collapse in a heap after the swim these days.

26. I was a lifeguard, swimming instructor and swim team coach for many years.

27. My sister died Easter Sunday 2002 and I miss her muchly. She had a severe form of cerebral palsy coupled with spina bifida and a dose of Hepatitis C. There were of course other complications to do with these. She was, however, beautiful and wonderful and full of love and life and now she is gone and I miss her.

28. I like all food except for mushy dark green peas that come out of a can.

29. I recently completed November and December of 100 words project under the name bluedaisies.

30. I am addicted to strategy games. In particular Myst, Riven, Exile and the current Uru photoshop.

31. I sing loud and obnoxiously when I am alone in the car and sometimes in the shower but am terrified of singing in public.

32. When I was in the fourth grade my teacher asked me if I could please refrain from singing but rather mouth the words because my voice was disruptive to the rest of the class. She squelched my enthusiasm. The bitch. Apparently this is not uncommon. If you teach, please know that what you do and say can have huge impact and affect on a person's life. Treat children as you would want to be treated.

33. I secretly, okay, not so secretly desire to play the piano. I briefly took lessons as a child and was unable to continue as my parents couldn't afford a piano for me to practice on and though my teacher gave them a cut rate, it was still to expensive. I cried for months in the comfort of my bed when I thought no-one could hear me. I am buying bought a piano for my son and I am going to take lessons.

34. I play the clarinet.

35. I have not been practicing the guitar as much as I would like to, bad me.

36. I have truly loved a man only three times in my life and I continue to love these same men. My ex-husband, my ex-fiancee who is my best friend and my lovely Duke who is my current love.

37. I think that when you truly love someone, you always love them. Sometimes, it is only the way in which you love them that changes.

38. I saw the ocean for the first time when I was 31. It was beautiful and wonderous.

39. The mountains make me feel huge and powerful and in control of my destiny. The ocean gives me this same feeling. I love nature's wonderous creations.

40. The first time I was on a boat on the ocean, I touched a whale. The whale was a grey whale and she was beautiful. Her skin was spongy and soft and bristly with barnacles. I consider myself blessed for this event. It was my son's eighth birthday. I consider him blessed as well.

41. I have a box of old love letters, pictures and medals in my closet basement. I may hold on to it until I die. I am sentimental.

42. I make the most awesome pies. Honestly, anyone who's eaten one will attest to it.

43. When I was in university, I dropped too much acid, smoked too much weed and drank too much beer.

44. My favorite alcoholic drinks ('cause a girl needs more than one) are a rich red wine, a cool gin n' tonic, and a girly martini.

45. My favorite drinking place these days is The Savoy.

46. My mother once threatened to get rid of my sneakers because they were covered in holes. Rather than have them end up amongst the coffee grind eggshells, I pitched them over the bridge and watched them float away in the creek below.

47. I like to call myself a prude and then people who know me well laugh at this but I think I would like to be more dirty than I am so I consider myself rather prudish.

48. That said, I am an orgasmic machine and am happy for it. I know too many people who have problems in this department and I am glad I do not.

49. I am too boring to have 100 things to write about. Either that or this is a difficult exercise to do in one sitting and I may have to add to it later.

50. I have been whitewater rafting in the rocky mountains and it is a blast.

51. I love camping but am secretly scared of being eaten by a bear.

52. I love being spoiled with nice restaurants, nice hotels and pretty things.

53. Once, I became so terrified of life that I never left my apartment for a month. I would sneak out at 3 in the morning to get cigarettes with my hoodie pulled high over my head.

54. Up until I was 25 (when I had my son), I only slept for 4 hours tops a night.

55. I now need a solid 6 hours of sleep to survive the day.

56. I have too many interests and not enough time. I am looking for a way to slow time down, just for me because I am greedy.

57. I am a book hog. I have to have them after I've read them so I stay away from libraries and frequent book stores instead.

58. Sometimes when I read a really good book, I am compelled to hug it close to me afterwards.

59. Some people are bothered by the speed in which I read. It is a bit sick but mostly its because I was a total book worm as a child. Practice people.

60. I am an organizational freak. Everything has to have a place though if you knew me in highschool you would not believe it for a second.

61. I had a boy locker in high school. When I cleaned it at the end of the year, invariably I would find soggy lunch bags dripping with tuna gone bad amongst crumpled papers of homework not handed in.

62. When I was in grade 11, I was so pissed off at an essay I received back that I crumpled it into a little ball and threw it at my teacher while telling her to "Fuck Off". Good student that I was I proceeded to march to the principal's office to relay what I had done. I don't for the life of me remember what set me off but I figure if I was bold enough to talk to the principal than I must have been in the right. sort of ...

63. I find it interested to note what the mind will pick up when you think about yourself in this way. Memories matter apparently and I am just rambling without giving this all too much thought so forgive me if this 100 things about me is incoherent.

64. My first car was a 1979 Ford Fiesta.

65. My current car is a 1985 VW Jetta. Update: My current car is a 2004 Mazda 3 Sport (in winning blue mica), heh heh

66. I either like old cars or am too cheap to get a new one. Update: I now like new cars and really it was really a issue of affordability.

67. I am a mutt or so I used to say. I am Metis. I have German, Austrian, Dutch, Scottish, Native, Irish, French, Spanish and English ancestory. I am Canadian.

68. I competative swam for years until I blew my shoulder. I still swim for fun.

69. I love the internet. Love it, love it, love it. I remember way back to 1993? 1994? when I was on the trial account holders at the University and I got to explore the vastly different internet back then. Strange that I have spent so much time doing research and finding information and I never considered having a web site until quite recently.

70. I am a head of my time and behind my time because I like to do things in my own time.

71. I am extremely stubborn and once I put my mind to something that's it.

72. It takes me a long time to make up my mind about something and I am open to new ideas and tend to be flexible about my situation. Couple that with my stubborness ... well there are those who view me as crazy and/or flaky. Whatever.

73. My favorite treat to myself is ordering in sushi by myself and pigging out in front of a good movie with a glass of red wine. Heaven.

74. I sometimes cry when I read the newspaper and/or watch the news.

75. I have a bad habit of saying things wrong, mixing metaphors, putting my foot in my mouth and hurting or offending people without even realizing it.

76. I am extremely insecure and this has got me into trouble on more than one occasion as I appear very confident.

77. I have been raped three times in my life, two violently, all three people I knew. I also know too many women who have been raped.

78. I don't like violence of any kind.

79. I hide behind blankets when I watch scary movies.

80. I dream vivid colourful dreams and I usually remember them.

81. I have horrific nightmares which sometimes wake me up.

82. I learned how to lucid dream when I was quite young. I taught my son so he could escape his nightmares.

83. I practice yoga.

84. I have started taking bellydancing lessons. Its fun and a really good workout.

85. I would like to learn a martial art like Kung Fu but I am not ready yet. Update: I recently started taking kung fu classes.

86. When I am a senior citizen, I want to do a physics degree for fun.

87. I love philosophy and started reading various texts when I was a teenager.

88. My favorite television series are Buffy, Six Feet Under, Sopranos, and Dead like me. Do you sense a death theme? Update: My favourite television series are the L Word, Doctor Who, Weeds and Torchwood.

89. I love new experiences.

90. I thrive on change.

91. I secretly miss my long hair even though every one compliments me on the cut. I am going to grow it back out. Update: It is sooo very long again : )

92. My hair colours have included brown, black, orange, red, green, blonde, platinum, and blue. Update: I would like to add pink to that list.

93. I am tired of writing 100 things about me.

94. My favorite clothes colour is black. Update: so not black anymore ~ green and browns with some oranges make me smile.

95. I am vain about my teeth. They are perfect and I've never had braces.

96. I have a goal to work out at the gym or at home on my nordic track every day. I love working out but finding the time is proving problematic. Update: I go to the gym each and every day during my workday and I love it!

97. I love techie toys and am a bit of a geekgirl though I hide it well.

98. I have an obsessive personality.

99. There are things I will never do. One of these being gambling with money. Gambling with my own life chances are a whole other ballgame.

100. oh vey, made it. I fully believe that we as humans can do anything we want so long as we want it bad enough and are willing to give up what we have to give up to get it.