work? freetime? budgeting?

Well, I need a little procrastination so here I am ... After reading a note from the lovely and talented Sonya regarding working and motherhood and the thought that isn't women's liberation all wrong and shouldn't one be able to stay home and write and clean the house and be there to take one's kids to the hospital when they are sick and laugh and play with them when they are well I was inspired to write. It is so difficult to balance work and children and anything else that one is inspired to do.

Free time - ha! What is free time and how on earth does one get anything done these days.

I have actually been struggling with this question for a while and this is what I have come up with for must be anal self. As most of you know, most of my life I have been a money moron, remember the fiasco of cell phone cut off and being months behind on daycare payments and empty fridges and walking because I couldn't even manage to have the money for public transportation. Oh, the hell I saw and all preventable. Many of you also know my anal budget which is checked and double checked on a daily obsessive basis. I mean I literally budget a year in advance and it is very detailed, scarily so. But it has helped me immensely and I now have big chunk of RRSP savings and Aiden has money for university and my next two years of school (when I go) is already there waiting for me and I will be able to buy a house in the spring and all is good.

The point here is that I learned how to budget my money and *light go off in my head* I realized the other night (I'm a fairly slow learner it appears) that there is so many projects that I'm working on and so many things I want to do but I end up paralized and fragmented and nothing gets done so ................ I have a plan which I have been working on anal obsessively and that is a Time Budget. Ta da! Now I figure if it worked for me in terms of money than it will work for me in terms of time management. I wish that someone would just drop a few hundred thousand dollars on my head and let me go with the freedom of no worries but realistically that is not going to happen. So, I have to make things happen and learn some of that oh so missing from my life discipline. Currently, I scatter and blatter and paint and write and work out and practice the guitar and work on my films and so on and so forth as the mood strikes rather than forcing myself to commit to these worthy endeavours.

So, by the end of August I will be on a regime and registered in my classes and scheduled to the max, eek! No, really I figure it won't be so bad 'cause if it works like my money budget, there is always room for change and movement and spontenaety, after all I am the one in control and so I am about to embark on my liberation of my time.

If anyone has any practical advice or suggestions, I would love to hear them. I will let you know how it goes as time goes on ... I am thinking that I will be able to get much closer to achieving the things I want to achieve culminating in the ultimate acquisition of making my time my own and not having to slave away for someone else's corporate agenda. I have the plan and am on track to being done with this flourescent hued life in a mere two years and now I will begin the trek to also working on the loves of my life which fit in nicely with my future plans me think. Flaky me is about to attempt to de-flake the fog of time and the mystery of discipline .. wish me luck : )

Speaking of time, I must attempt to work now, otherwise I may find myself with far to much time and far to little money on my hands ;-)