brrrrrrr shiver shake

I want to stamp my feet like a child with fists clenched. I very much dislike January and today being the first Monday back to work does not do much for my constitution. I feel stuffy and sneezy and look frankly like shit, with my hair pulled back into pigtails and not a stitch of make-up and head to toe in black, I am witchy witchy and not the sexy good kind. If I were 10 years younger and 10 pounds lighter I may look cute in this look in an artsy fun kind of way but today I am sure I only look cute to the Duke who has a way of seeing the beauty in me no matter what I may be be feeling, so sweet. Top 5 reasons why I hate January: 1. It is a huge let down after Christmas fun. 2. I generally get paid before Christmas which makes it a long freaking wait until mid-month advance. This would not be a problem if I planned better than I do. 3. dark long dark long dark long which would be a good thing if we were talking about hair but we're not. 4. Its cold cold cold, freezing ice cold. I know some nuts who find this oh so exhilerating, I, however, do not like anything below -15 degrees celcius and frankly the January -30+ is too much. And the top reason I hate January so much ... 5. It is my emotional down month and I have to actively figure out how to get through it without a complete insanity meltdown.

Top 5 things I am doing to combat my January blues are: 1. Bellydancing - though it doesn't start until the 20th which is over halfway through. 2. David Bowie Concert - though it isn't until the 21st which is again over halfway through. 3. Mucho exercise in a warm sweaty environment, ahhhhhh ... warmth + a better body = happiness in January. 4. A picture collage of the past year to create a lovely poster of to remind me of all the fun things past and fun in the future. And the top combating tool for not sinking into January depression is ... 5. Lots of sex and cuddle snuggles, hell yeah!