bored now

Yesterday after work I had to walk about 6 blocks downtown to go and pick up my car. It was freaking cold and the wind whipped a poor little old lady into me. She felt bad and I spent most of the rest of the walk envisioning this poor dear flying into the air like Mary Poppins sans umbrella, scarf waving in the air and ending up in the middle of Jasper Avenue only to be run down by a yellow cab. My mind is a scary place sometimes. I did, however, happen to get somewhat distracted from that worry when I happened to catch a glimpse of myself in a store front window. There I was wrapped in a black wool and cashmere overcoat with a white scarf whipped around my face topped off with a black toque. I looked quite good and frankly as cold as it was, I was really quite toasty. A co-worker commented on my way out of the building that: co-worker: you look very warm and cozy me: I know, its great ... this is my year for being warm co-worker: you weren't a believer in warmth before? me: its not about being a believer, its about affording the belief

So upon noticing my warm but stylish attire, my mind reeled backwards to another time. A time of frozen legs and the snowsuit. A couple of winters ago, I was carless and doing the bus thing which wasn't so bad except for the weeks I had my son as we had to be up and out the door at 5:30 to get him to school and me to work on time. Now, the bad transit system that we have here provided a good hour spent waiting for buses and while he was bundled to the max, there I was with very little to keep me warm. One particularily cold day found me with frostbitten legs. If you have ever had frostbite than you will appreciate the cold burning pain I felt and the open sores that ensued. It was nasty to say the least.

This being the case, I decided that I would borrow one of my dad's snowsuits. Now when I say snowsuit I am talking big (far too big for me), black with yellow stripes down the side - the kind you would use for snowmobiling. So off I went on a fine cold winter's morning with my son feeling smug in my cosy warmth. I got to work and peeled off the suit feeling pretty good with myself until after work. The day had cleared and warmed though not warm enough to go without a coat but a snowsuit was just ridiculous but it was all I had so on it went and out I went to wait for the bus. Now you have to understand that I work downtown and so there I was amidst a pile of people and every crazy on the street came over to talk to me like I was one of them, which I guess I really was that day or at least appeared to be. I finally was able to escape onto the bus and there I sat beside a girl in a mini skirt and lovely boots and me, the crazy drooling snowsuit girl. Not one of my finer moments.

Yeah, well ... its nice to be warm in cashmere let me tell you.