gearing up

This still makes me chuckle ... and smile ...Duke and I had returned home the evening of Christmas from a lovely dinner with his family. They are great people and I always enjoy seeing them. I asked him whether he thought they liked me well enough. It is always somewhat a worry I have given that here I am all divorced with a child and while its never been a problem, you never know. He relayed that it wouldn't really matter at this stage of his life, what with him being (well having been) all confirmed bachelor and so my being perfectly lovely aside, they were also just happy to see him finally settle down. Then he started chuckling and said 'ha!' in that I've got them fooled kind of way. This proceeded to send me into a fit of laughter because he was implying that he hadn't settled down and had them fooled but the reality is that he has settled down to which he replied, "I haven't settled down, I'm gearing up!". It makes me chuckle because its true and its such a lovely way to look at the sharing of your life with someone. Being a reformed committment phobic myself I think I will adapt the quote destined to become an adage. I haven't settled down, I'm gearing up! : )