my needy boundaries

Yesterday I stayed home. Somedays it is just a nice thing to do because home is a wonderful place to be which is why I am constantly looking for ways to make my home a stylish, comfort zone where I can relax and enjoy my loves.Afterwards, I took Aiden to swim gym (a lovely program at the Kinsmen Sports Centre where the kids spend three hours learning gymnastics, diving and swimming and the adults are left to their own devices) where I proceeded to push and pull and sweat and gasp myself into some sort of shape which is different than the one I currently have, not that my current shape isn't fine but as with the home, there is always room for improvement and change. And then I dropped off Aiden and stopped at the Mac Store to buy some water before going to pick up Duke. On my way in to the store, the homeless (well I assume homeless since he was asking for change) guy asked me for change. I said "sorry" ... he smiled and said "have a good night". I liked the response so on my way out I dropped him some change and went on my merry way. As I was driving I remembered that a couple of years ago, I did not have change to drop in waiting hands and on one particularly depressingly broke day of starvation and living the life of the working poor, I was approached by a guy looking for money to get to the coast. I was on my lunch hour, in my one perfectly acceptable work outfit, sitting outside because frankly I didn't have money for lunch and minding my own business when I was approached for the 4th time that day. I lost it. No really, I lost it and went into a complete tirade about how poor I was and how I had to support my child and sure I worked but there was nothing left over by the end of the day and I walked to work 2 weeks out of 4 because I couldn't affort bus fare and while I fed my child, I was lucky to have a bowl of rice a day and on and on I went. Yeah, so the homeless guy gave me five bucks. This still tickles me a purpley pink spotted elephant. He was a nice homeless guy. I think I may have problems with the boundaries of life ... ah well!