weather wows

It is shockingly warm and a frostless car window on a January early morning, well I'm not complaining but frankly I'm a teensy bit frightened. Slap me paranoid and park me in a airless garage but ... there is a theory out there by various weather aficionado's (read "freaks who spend far too much time thinking about the weather") (read "me") that over the year the weather will balance itself out so that each year has a mean temperature of sorts.Okay, so a couple of years ago we here in this particular part of the world had a super warm winter and then bam spring hit and it was freaking cold and stormy and not spring-like at all. That sucketh because frankly I like my seasons in the season. Of course, the byproduct of that particular non spring was that as summer emerged so did the spring flowers and side by side in all kinds of beautious weirdness were spring and summer plants, it was lovely but I didn't have a camera ... now I do ... hmmmm ... okay ... no longer frightened!