walking through crowds

I was pushing my way through the crowd trying in vain to get the end of the concourse in order to make my way to the restaurant to meet asylus for lunch, when the world became woozy and a little too bright as though I had stepped into a dream.Everyone took on hallucinagenic proportions as they went right left backwards forwards in random movement and it occured to me that as small as my world can sometimes appear it is too large for thought. Here in this tiny space in incident there are all these people that I know nothing about having crazed little thoughts and lives beyond the food smells and dopple ganger days and ... then I heard stalker like footsteps breathing down my neck ... yikes ... asylus - the familiar strange is comforting when you enter that strange space between realities and then I was fine. I am tired and ready to go home. The day was long and I am craving the warm steam of a hot shower washing away the corporate factor of my hours. Have a great weekend!