neon blue

The flashing dancing colours of the night alight in the blue neon of the swimming pool chlorine dream of my youth. Watching them stream through waters with bodies hard and skin unlined and wondering when youth deserted the shell of my home. It happens when you turn your eyes to the sun and realize the burnt out retinas are useless to thoughts turned emotion. Perhaps a coloured streak of red and a pinch of pink upon lips dried skin, neon blue nails peek beneath shoes hidden under socks.

Conservatism overtaken a soul aged a body before time stood still. Holding on to optimistic dreams with the abandon of cliff jumped excitement becomes a challenge in the streets of monied power cycle digging in ditches of loss.

The man wore a blue snowsuit and pushed a blue cart filled with worldly possessions and a picture stains the brain of the girl driving a gilded coach rusted out in its centre.

Neon blue replaced by the brown beige dance of knitted socks and resignation to stay in place, standing still beneath the sun's constant movement and coloured spew.