David Bowie

Okay, I am going to start off by saying that David Bowie is pure magic, he's larger than life yet wonderfully real, amazing, incredible and given that he is one of my all time favorite artists, I feel truly satisfied with the whole experience. While I may have missed every other opportunity to see Bowie, I am super happy that I didn't miss this one. It was incredible. The sound, visuals, lightshow and songs were absolutely spot on and Bowie performed like a man who was having a great time. Many of my favourites were covered including The Man Who Sold the World; Rebel Rebel; China Girl (he laid out on the stage and had the audience sing the opening to China Girl to which he stopped it to say "That was fucking tragic" and then restarted); I'm Afraid of Americans; Life on Mars; Panic in Detroit. He covered the Pixies' Cactus and Velvet Underground's White Light White Heat. He belted Hallo Spaceboy and Under Pressue with Gail Ann Dorsey covering Freddie Mercury's part (and she did a fine fine job). There was Blue Jean and a fine rendition of Heroes. He mixed all the oldies up side by side with the newer stuff and every song was entrancingly perfect. The last four songs were from Ziggy Stardust including Ziggy Stardust; Hang Onto Yourself; Suffragette City and the moving Five Years. I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful an experience it was. The audience was a lovely mix of goth; glam; young kids; middle aged suburbanites and aging rockers and the fact that Bowie can come across so real, so on and into the music is testament to why his career is still alive and well and let me tell you the boy can move at 57 and his voice is pure magic.

As a sidenote: Macy Gray was sexy disco queen with her larger than life afro and her seductive belting and energetic sound. Though she may have been a bit confused as to a 20 hour bus ride from L.A. (I think she meant Denver unless she has some new form of rocket bus I don't know about), she was not a bit confused as to the funking stylish experience that she energetically put out. Twas so lovely.

What more can I say except that only thing that could have made it better is if you were all able to be there with me ...