Okay, so I'm no longer in panic freak out mode .. whew! Its really all about perspective and balance ... specially balance. I had a lovely, albeit cold day as I started the morning off hopping on a little plane bound for Lethbridge. While there, I enjoyed a good meeting and a lovely lunch with my second mom, a colleague who joined me for this meeting. We sat and visited for a leisurely 3 hours after the meeting prior to the plane ride home. The ride home was spectacular as we entered Edmonton with golden lights in the crisp cold night. Coming into the Municipal was so beautiful and the lights of the city are golden and lined in glowing artistic array, I wished I had my camera to capture it. I'm so used to flying into the International and it was a treat to actually enter the city at night.

Then I spent an hour of quality snuggle time with my baby before heading off to shake the belly.

I have to say a huge huge loving thank you to Roo for a) encouraging me to take bellydancing and b) for giving me the most lovely beautiful hip belt imaginable. I couldn't have found a nicer one ... she has such awesome good taste! And I am loving loving loving bellydancing! Though for the record I want to say that I don't know why they call it bellydancing when really its all about the thighs ... and hoo boy are my thighs ever going to be sorely sore tomorrow. And now I am taking a moment to write while the lovely and talented Duke cooks me dinner. I am a lucky girl to have such an amazing kissable boyfriend ... life is good and I am feeling refreshed and powerful again.

mmmmm ... and food is smelling good so I am off for yummy food and more snuggle time ... wheeeee!