odds n’ ends

Given the freaking cold weather and the fact that only one of my car doors now opens from the outside (and its not the driver door), the weekend was really wonderful. Spent a lovely Friday eve with Roo, Turbo and Asylus with sensible salad variaties of food at Dadeo's and a too fun time at the Sex Exhibition thingy where I spent far to much money but it was well worth it. I have two great new t-shirts (Wheeee - I have fun t-shirts, yah me!). The first one is highly appropriate and says "Its All About Me", heh heh ... well it is! The second one, the lovely Turbo found me and it has a small daisy on it and says "I'm a delicate fucking flower", heh heh ... well its true! I won't tell you about my other purchases but I will say that they are highly enjoyable, heh heh ... well they are!

What should one do on a freezing cold Saturday with a car that's not working properly? Why trek down to Ikea of course. Had a lovely afternoon shopping with Asylus and found all kinds of things to buy though am waiting 'cause a new car looks like it is in my very near future and its all about priorities and not stretching myself thin. We then stopped at Future Shop where Asylus (did I mention that he is the bestest friend in the whole wide world) treated me to a DVD ... 'Belle de Jour'. Yah! I haven't seen it in about 10 years and it was wonderful watching it again, have I mentioned that Catherine Deneuve is on my 'top 10 list'. The highlight of my weekend was my 'date' with the Aidenator. We rented Dinotopia (it was very fun) and Five Senses (it was very good and if you haven't seen it, you really should, plus it has the beautiful Molly Parker, sigh) and ordered in a whole lotta sushi, lit candles and snuggled on the futon. It was too much fun - we went to bed about 1:00 am and lay giggling, snuggling and talking until about 2:30 before we passed out in exhaustion, hee hee ... who says that boys aren't great fun.

The sweetest thing about our night together was that originally, I was taking Aidenator for Max because they were going out for Sonya's birthday (a friend of Max's). However, Aidenator told me that she couldn't get someone for her kids (friends of Aidenator's) so they decided to just have a party at Sonya's house. This being the case, Aiden could go and have a sleep over with his friends. They were going to call me and let me know that he wouldn't be coming until Sunday night as per the norm, when my sweetest Aidenator decided that he would rather spend the evening with me because he had being really looking forward to a special night for us and he didn't want to disappoint me. Awwwww ... when he told me this, we both kinda got choked up a little and found ourselves with something in our eyes. I have the bestest son ever and I am the luckiest mom ever!

So the weekend is over and my Duke is happily home (I love Duke hellos after he's been gone, heh heh) and for a Monday freaking cold morning with me needing a new car, I am strangely happy and rested and smiley having had a lovely weekend realizing that I have great friends and a great family and I am ever so happy to be me. Plus, I lost five pounds (don't know how it happened, but I'm not complaining).