stressed to the max

The work is piling up in la la land and the only good thing about it is that I suspect I am currently on the lose weight due to stress regime. Though I did manage an all time high of 45 minutes on the Elliptical Trainer machine and hopefully that has more to do with the lovely tonage that is going on. I will say that exercise when stressed to the max is a good relief from the constant pounding of heart and feeling like the insides are going to explode from the pressures of too many deadlines and too little time, not to mention all the other stressers accompanied with all the work in la la land.sigh.

On happier news, my Aidenator wants to start his own blog so I will be setting him up to do so. This makes me happy because its a place where he can express himself and will encourage him to write - always a good thing.

In other Aidenator news, the sweetie is going to Calgary this weekend for fun and excitement hanging out with his Uncle. He is super looking forward to it and Duke and I suddenly find ourselves with a free weekend. I will miss my goober and am glad we got extra time last weekend but this also makes up for the weekend lost with Duke last weekend.

Back to stressors. My damn car is chugging along on its last legs and I am forced to seriously start finding a viable solution in the way of a new car. I should be excited about the process but between finding time to figure out what I can reasonably afford and having to do so fairly soon when I originally wanted to wait until Spring .... breath ... well frankly its not helping my stress levels. If I get through the week, all will be fine. Lord I hope I get through the week without blowing my heart out through my nose in a gruesome masquarade of losing it big time.