Thanks Boys …

I want to extend large and loving thanks to Duke and Aiden and Asylus who have put up with my stress puppy dance last night ... I'm so high maintenance. Aiden has been lovely and kissy and thankful and appreciative and caring ... he's only nine but I tell you he is going to make some wonderful girl very happy some day and dammit I am not biased here.

Duke has endured my fits of temper and fantasy even though he is going through his own pile of mire and his very love keeps me going through the corporate paces. Thank you indulging me and putting up with the shit while still holding me close to you with warmth.

I want to also thank my bestest bud Asylus for realizing that I was at my end's wit and endulged me my shopping mall wanderings and ticket buying drive and let me talk out my stress bunnies. When two drama queens hang out, there is often battle for supremacy but he let it be 'all about me' which I muchly needed and appreciate.