what is wrong with the world!

So, its the end of the day and I'm fairly burnt out to say the least ... but woo hoo, the weather is fantastic and actually zipped outside for 10 minutes at lunch without a coat ... god, I love the diversity of this crazy climate. Okay, so I am sitting here minding my own business when my cell phone rings. Now, I'm thinking I'm at my desk so it can't possibly be work related because my phone would have rang first and it hadn't. The next thought as I race across the cubey to grab it is that there is an emergency at school or perhaps its time for my regular dental cleaning ... who knows. I pick it up with a breathless hello. Its a credit company of a credit card I own. Huh? Have I missed a payment, no and actually its very close to being completely paid off so what the heck?

- Hello Miss Fill in the Blank. We have recently reviewed your credit and would like to offer you a cash loan in the amount of $3,000.00! - Why thank you that's awfully nice of you but I don't need $3,000.00.

Silence ensued for much longer than it should have and I wondered to myself, has he not heard that response before. Strange. I mean of course I could always use $3,000.00 but more to the point, I have no need to put myself $3,000.00 in debt. Hello people! Trying to dig myself out not trap myself further - have you not noticed that every month I've been dropping money on my credit cards and hello not using them. Which is probably the point - I figure they really want to keep you using them because that is how they make money and that is what keeps you straddled to your desk and waddling home every day in misery. Well not this girl! Hah! I don't need $3,000.00! errrrr from them ... yeah!