Its all about the Muffins

Its Friday afternoon and I have a ton o' work to do but I am feeling good. My major stressors have all taken place and all went well. Seeing my baby off by himself a la the bus last night was difficult for me but sniff my baby's growing up. He arrived in Calgary and was handed over to my brother without a problemo and he is currently enjoying his little vacation fun time away from mom and dad and the pseudo parents. And can I plug a lovely little Albertan bus line here because they are fabulous .. if you happen to live in Alberta or find yourself in Alberta, take the Red Arrow ... check them out, they are fabulous. They cator a lot to business travel and even have a place to plug in your laptop. The seats are nice and big and they have movies and snacks, all good things. They treated my concerns with aidenator traveling with ease and made him feel safe and secure - they have a wonderful unaccompanied child program in place. All good things.

My meeting went well and I a lot of stress has skimmed off my back ... happy days ... sheesh, without getting into any detail, I am happy about the the outcome of the meeting, it was productive and I am starting to feel more confident about my skills - its often strange to me that I am thrown into work situations to do things for the first time in high pressured situations only to find that I am somewhat capable. who knew? Apparently Duke knew! Its all good. So, I am looking forward to a stress free weekend as I will deal with work on Monday morning and not a minute beforehand, thank you very much. The cool news about next week is that while I have a whole lotta work to do, I do have this very cool project management course which is held at lovely hotel for thursday and friday, woo hoo ... errrr, oops, just realized that I promised to send some stuff out on friday, errrr - will have to come into the office friday after the course ... ah well, still its all good times.