good times

Well pluck me like a chicken giblet and fry me up some butter ... I am so happy for a variety of reasons I cannot even begin to express. So I'll be brief and concrete.First of all, on Saturday, a choice was made and a purchase was purchased and I will be picking up the brand spanking new car on Wednesday after work *insert squeal of joy* ... yup, bought a car and its beautiful, outfitted said car with moonroof and air conditioning and the such and if you are curious check it out at the mazda site. Its a Mazda 3 Sport in the lovely winning blue mica colour and its lovely and I can't wait to drive that baby out of the lot on Wednesday. Sigh. hee hee hee ... woo hoo and all that. Secondly, I just received a call from Asylus and guess who is doing a reunion tour? Yep, The Pixies will be in town on April 18, 2004. Again, woo hoo! Very happy about that 'cause not only is Bowie coming to Edmonton (and I know I already saw him in Calgary but whatever - gotta take the Aidenator to his first stadium concert) but The Pixies will be here this spring as well. Yah!!!! All in all I am one seriously happy girl and have decided that a little consumerism in not such a bad thing when it means the freedom to take trips again and not having to crawl through the back seat to get the door open to get into the driver seat only to find there is no heat and the wipers don't work and oh hell, those of you who have traveled in JetGrrrrl know all about the troubles I have seen. No more 'cause now I travel in style, comfort and dependability. Yah me. Okay, obviously, I am more than excited here and I really should get back to work.