Tuesday’s Blues and Clues

Well, the day started off with a bang and a sleep and oh too vivid dreams and entry into waking life. Ta da and somehow here I find myself at work waiting for the computer guy to reinstall my Excel ... bah! Everything I needed to do today required said use of Excel ... bah!The weekend was fabulous and Duke and I had a lovely time spending time getting to know our new car zoom zoom ... driving is a dream baby, a dream ... who knew? Weirdness outside of Westlock found us forced onto a secondary road and wondering what the heck as there were cop cars all over the highway. Apparently, a woman dressed in dark clothes was walking in the middle of the highway and was run over by a semi truck and she died instantly. I am left wondering why would she do that and if she was trying to kill herself, why would she do that to some poor trucker ... also, was very glad that we decided to stop at McDonald's in Westlock to eat even though it was crappy McDonalds at least we potentially missed the event. Had a great time with my family ... and they are happy that we have reliable mode of transportation for which to visit them more .... plus my dad was really jealous over the car, heh heh. Came home with a sewing machine ... will be domestic goddess for a while perhaps whilst I reconfigure my not so domestically cluttered house plus make some kickass belly dancing costumes, wheeee. I love Duke ever so much. Just needed to say it 'cause was feeling it a lot this weekend. Family day found M and D and Aidenator and Duke and myself over at Gateway bowling ... of course M won but surprise I came in second while garnering 2 strikes, heh heh ... I only bowl once a year but it was fun. We then played a rousing game of Laser Tag. Now I've never done this before but it was great fun wandering through a smokey maze feeling ever hip in my weighted vest shooting at everything that moved, heh heh ... I scored a 2600 which bested all my crew and most of the other guys in there, wheeee! I felt very Nikita espionage. Still waiting for Excel guy ... bah!