A crowded elevator conversation.Person 1: Its ridiculous. I think they are putting old batteries in my watch because they die after 6 months. Person 2: Well, the place I go has a policy that they will replace after 6 months if the battery dies. Person 1: But shouldn't a watch battery last longer than 6 months? Person 3: Maybe its your watch. Me: Maybe its your energy sucking the life out of the battery.

Time ... my time is being sucked up by the energies of others. Perhaps, my energy is being sucked up by the outlet of time given outside of myself. Time ... I get up, get ready, go to work and juggle time, miss lunch so I can have the pleasure of a 10 minute blog, skip coffee because I'm too busy, go home and depending on the night, drive Aiden around, do my various classes, clean the house, cook dinner, eat and clean again. By the time the day winds down, I am good for nothing but sitting in a zombie position on the futon watching the pretty colours zapping out of the television screen. And don't even get me started on the weekend. Time ... I want to laze about in an orderly fashion and contemplate who and what and where I am. Time ... I want to paint and draw and feed my creativity. I want to write expansive lovely pieces and dream in black and white beyond the crazyness of coloured withdrawal. Time ... where does it go wasted in a field of cross filtered daisies drawn and quartered in mulchy wheat. Time ... to go back to work.