girly am I

Couple of things ... The weather ... now its supposed to be a high of 33 today and a high of 35 tomorrow. Don't I love living in a city that 6 months ago gave us -35 and six months from now will throw cold winds our way ... ah the change, the change. For someone who thrives on change, the 4 distinct and extreme seasons of this climate I call home is a wonderful wonderful experience. Now that is not to say that you won't hear me bitch and complain bitterly about the heat/the cold/the snow/the rain/the dryness blah blah blah 'cause what's the fun in extreme's if one can't complain on occasion : ) Its kinda nice, she says sitting in her air-conditioned office, to realize that while summer's end is seemingly close at hand, she is going out with a blaze of sunshine heat melting car tar, stench of garbaged rotting apples, ahhhhh ... summer! Interesting movie note. My son came home the other night with a 2 guest movie pass to a premiere of "Uptown Girls" so I thought ah isn't that sweet, we'll go to a movie together. Not a chance, he was having none of it - "I'm not going to a girls' movie mom", not cool at all. Not that I really wanted to see some cheesy young girl movie myself but who am I to give up a free movie and besides my sweet goober brought it home for me take a friend with ... so I did. Now, I just want to say that this is not my kind of movie and the odds of me ever seeing this movie had I not rec'd this free ticket were slim/nil/not going to happen. That said, oh my god! am I glad I saw this movie. Now it wasn't high art or incredibly intelligent or any of that but it was FUN and well done - it had me (and I can't believe I am sharing this) laughing, crying and completely engaged. Now it may not be your thing (I didn't think it was mine) but it is a modern day fairy tale with all the unrealistic schmaltzy crap but can I stress it was FUN and just what I needed last night. Sometimes one just needs a simple story that doesn't require any kind of thought. I chuckled all the way through and actually came to care about the characters, yup and dammit I am not ashamed of it ;-) Eek, I should probably at this point do some work 'cause I really don't want to be taking work home with me this weekend, blerg! Though I may be back to procrastinate a bit later 'cause the sun is shining and its Friday and work seems meaninglessly mangled and Ottawa is shut down and people were encouraged not to work today (well you know that whole black out thing in the east) .. I have not yet read the news this morning so have no idea if they have finally figured out what happened but I have to say, in the heat of summer, I would not want to be without power, yikers ... and did anyone see poor Lloyd Robertson's shiny sweat slicked face last night on the news? Yeah, so maybe I should appreciate the fact that I can work in this lovely office of air-conditioned powered computer photocopier rhythmed space. Thought: Our lives are so shaped by the technology around us and imagine the change if we lost our ability to harness electricity.