Stop Me Now

So inspired by the Roo who came with me for my drugstore shopping of makeup basics and then the fun I've had with playing with my face and then even more inspired by Chelsea's make-up extravaganza reviews, a product shopping I went.It was fabulous wonderful and I need to throw out every other piece of make-up I used to own (except for the lipstick Roo picked out by L'Oreal because the colour looks fab on me). I bought eyeshadow from M.A.C. and it feels and looks like a million dollars on my skin, has lasted all day and wow the colours to choose from. I bought Lancombe flextencil mascara and it glided on and feels fab and look ma no clumps - I am in love with this stuff. I bought concealer from M.A.C and sigh ... well suffice it to say my list has grown and more shopping will be had and there is no going back. And then there are the brushes. Okay, so I paint and I have no problem dropping the dollars on good paint brushes so why I ask did it take me so freakin long to realize that my face is also a canvas and deserving of the good brushes. Every artist knows that half the battle is fought in the quality of paint and the quality of brushes in order to create that cherished painting. I mean really the good makeup brushes are cheaper than good paint brushes so it is a fairly easy sell for me to buy the concealer brush, the blusher brush, the eyeshadow brush, the slanted brush, etc. etc. And the end result is that I not only feel great but I look amazingly polished and all day today, I have been getting compliments on how great I look and did I get my hair done? hee hee ... good face = good overall impression. Sold. Roo, please extend huge thanks to Chelsea on my behalf.