The end is nearing

The end of the work week that is and I for one am incredibly grateful for this fact. I am literally exhausted and while I have been enjoying the day, soaked in lovely scent and for once not having flaky face skin, I am ready to go home. Now there was a point in my past when a friday after work meant the feeling of excited bliss, getting ready and going out never knowing what madness the night would bring.Those days are long since gone baby. Its true, for the first time a while, I have no nada zilch plans for this lovely Friday evening and I have no plans but to do absolutely anything but go home. Home, home is a wonderful place to be furrowed in flannel and snuggled in my baby's arms. Yup. I may even *gasp* indulge in some wine or other assorted treats and gorge on licorice (my not so secret lust for the purple licorice strings), light many candles and get down to Season 2 of 24. Asylus, damn you for finding me yet another obsession, like I need any more. I have decided, which will come as no surprise to anyone, that I have a completely ridiculous obsessive personality as the past two days of spending glee and embracement of cosmetic product has proven. The problem is that not only did I go out and buy mucho expensive product (great stuff!!) but I also have bookmarked far too many pages and have absorbed far to much information in far too little time. It sad but true and I now know far to much about the whole thing than I ever thought possible given my previous withdrawal from the industry. Obsessive personality. Oops. Duke just called. He has spent the day painting at his mom's and she ran out for paint to finish the ceiling and has not yet returned. Oh my. This means that I have time to kill since he has the car. Now you have to know that I work downtown, just a block from major shopping. Oops. Stop me now. I may have to wander which means I may have to buy 'cause I'm out of control. Obsessive personality. New topic. On Saturday eve, Duke has a gig in some small town about an hour away. I knew the name but I've since forgotten. Anyway, Turbo and Asylus are coming with us so it should be a fun time in a small town bar. Hijinxs abound. wheee! I must definitely remember to charge my camera so I can get some fun pictures. New topic. On Saturday day, Roo and I are going shopping for fabric so we can become domestic goddesses and create our very own lovely bellydancing costumes extroardenaire. I am hoping that we can find some lovely material as I am also thinking of making new curtains a la Trading Spaces lovely silk material flowing which will look great in my newly evolving space. Obsessive personality. New topic. Enjoy the weekend kiddies ... I'm outta here!