Dancing monkeys took over my office

Its shocking to be sitting here in lovely cubey hell, dancing paperclips lining my desk. I maintain, the world should be a musical with people breaking into song at the oddest times and actions accompanied by the never ending sound of music. March is all about the musical. So here are my drama notes for this lovely come on bring on the warm weather March.1. Ruby Two Shoes has a show going up March 2-6 at Horizon Stage (7:00 pm) which is called The Wiz (modeled after that musical favorite The Wizard of Oz). For those who don't know Ruby directed my first play at the Fringe and I'm looking forward to seeing his growth plus ... hello its the Wiz! 2. The lovely Turbo will be dancing the Hula on March 13 in a fundraiser so she can go to Hawaii to shake her hips and provide bum dancing for unsuspecting tourists. Drinks, the apparently cute Bailey in a coconut bra and watching Turbo do her hip thang. All good. 3. Another friend of ours is in The Winter's Tale Project from Feb 27-March 7 at La Cite Francophone. This is a full out rock and roll musical loosely based on Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale. Note, if you like Captain Tractor, the band includes members from. Musicals abound in the merry month of March. Sidenote: A fun time was had at the gig in Newbrook and I took a great many pictures but I'm not going to tell the stories here but will post on Orangedaisies along with the pictures sometime in the next couple of days. You will want to see Turbo rocking out and Asylus looking suave and oh wow I can take pictures while intoxicated. I wonder if I should be drinking more and working less ... you know for the sake of my art?!