countdown to the weekend

Slipping across the sandwich filled jar of mayonnaise, I cling to the glass of peering notions and find myself a friday afternoon with nothing of value to spurt out.The bellydancing recital is on April 11 ... Easter Sunday ... I wanted to go to Jasper and immerse myself in tall rocks of beauty's empowerment and soak in springs of boiling warmth. Alas, I will have to be back for Sunday's performance. I will post more details at a closer date so if you do not have plans for escape on that weekend, you can see my belly shake. Another too short weekend for my burnt out appreciation with too much going on and too much to do and see while I wait for the sunlit day of tanned skin and green trees whizzing down a trail of bike markings and heaving breathe. The weekend will find me in front of my tv watching the last half of season 2's twenty-four and zipping from play to play and hanging out with my two fantabulous boys and trying to procure some sense of order in my vastly growing kibble of a home and of course practicing bellydancing moves. I fear that too soon it will be Monday's week of meetings meetings and yes, you guessed it, more meetings. Have a good one kidlets.