The Demons’ Scratch

He reached out and stole the star which guided her nightHe danced among demons she could not overthrow They entered her soul and weilded their delights Black lipstick on daisies flailing in the ghastly breeze She trades her satisfaction for monetary pleasures Fleeting gone and worthless in a heap She craves release from the rainbow's bright colours stinging her eyelids as bruised skin falls beneath the demons' scratch Smiling patience go forward into chaotic mess Sort through rubble of long forgotten treasures She yields to golden elixer and smoke filled words beyond the sunlight of her yesteryears The fullness of the moon's energy diverted into fusion Pleasure, pain gripped in bruised passion Move forward tiny bumblebee working for the sweetness of the moment Fall back and lose yourself in the sting She stretches out her arms embracing warmth melting into winter breezes A burning candle sweetly cloying burns through cool waters as snow sinks into air Inhale, exhale a glassy mirror image fading around curves of his face. -June 2000-