Monday dots

Happy Monday everyone ... now isn't it nice to be back at work : / Okay, so regarding last post and movie and teasing I have gotten since, I just want to reiterate that it was FUN and I felt like a little girl surrounding by little girls, giggle, thoroughly enjoyed that in my oh so very grown up life of I carried the theme forward into my weekend, with a twist ... I spent the weekend being a young boy and geeking out in front of my computer drinking coke and eating potatoe chips, oh yeah babee ... Sim City got the better of me and strangely enough garnered me much respect among the neighborhood boys, snicker. Bonded with son this weekend more than hanging out at folkfest together ... strange how boys bond with their backs to each other, clicking a mouse, scarfing down chips and yelling out stats ... ah, thoroughly enjoyed myself in my oh so very grown up life of responsibilities ;-) But alas ... it is time to join the living again and I have been scheduling myself a Fringe extravaganza started on Wednesday night and oh glorious me the freedom of having Thursday and Friday off work, woo hoo ... culture, laughter and of course drunken behaviour ... I realized this morning, while I was at a meeting site visit that my god I have a pretty darn good life full of diversity and caring loving friends and family and much to look forward to and much to enjoy right now ... feeling happy for a Monday, woo hoo! Wanted to also say thank you very much to K and R for the lovely artwork. That was awfully sweet of you I really appreciate it! I had fun and we will have to get together again : ) Also, sending out comforting and caring thoughts to asylus while he is in Montreal ... and looking forward to fringing with on Saturday : ) And that is all folks, 'cause I am busy busy and have no time for intelligent discussion, coffee stained table awaiting my inhalation!