new things

So, I am thinking the website redesign is pretty much complete though am not too very happy with the comments so there may be some tweaking there. I have added a new site called photostories which was inspired by the feedback when I did Newbrook, Who knew. I will be updating it periodically, at least a couple times a month if not more.

I have added another new site called dailyphoto. I am using this site to motivate my photography. I will be taking and adding a picture a day to this site. Please feel free to comment and provide feedback as I am really hoping my very amateur photography improves.

So, first my website and now onto my house. I am doing a clean sweep, rearrange extravaganza this weekend. I'm sure that I will be worn out by next Monday but hopefully I will have a lovely environment to comfort me.

SWIMMING ALONG DEPRESSION I am muchly saddened to note that Spalding Grey was discovered dead in the East River over the weekend. He has been missing since January 10, 2004 and he was 62 years old. I loved his spoken word monologues and still remember how inspired I was when I first saw Swimming to Cambodia. Apparently, he suffered from severe depression and had tried suicide earlier and while the investigation on his death has not confirmed anything, it is believed that he may have taken his life. sad sigh.

SACRED LOVE TOUR I'm all about the news today because I am worn from work and worn from web design so ... I am announcing the Sacred Love Tour featuring Sting and wonders of wonders Annie Lennox will be opening, wheeeee! Tickets will be a while folks but the concert will be at Rexall Place on October 11, 2004.

Anyone interested?