sitting at home …

... beating back death. One of my favourite lines from a song,

Dave's been a mess since Cheryl left

Just sits at home and beats back death (Ben Folds Five)

as I drift through memory lane unable to comprehend the work before me set out in ruin and dastardly plans gone awry. Today is a good day to have off while my eyes sit behind glass watching sunlight dance off metal unable to feel the brisk wind slice through my skin.

Today I linger in the world of attention deficit disorder unable to keep a coherent thought in my head for longer than a second.

Brown grass points its icy tail inwards staving off the bud of green languishing in the dark frozen earth. Icy water pours down my throat and I lisp across a dangled dandelion.

The day will improve and I will fill my ears with musica whilst I pound away at the numbers clamering for attention as dollars year end fiscal is upon the business world of my daze. Rock on dudes and dudettes. Is it the weekend yet?