For Roo

Its really late at night and I am writing an entry for the loverly Roo so she will have something to read other than the depressing news tomorrow morning. She is way too much of an early riser whereas I like to sleep in so that I have just JUST enough time to drag my sorry tired ass out of bed and zip through my morning routine in a frenzy so that I can somehow make it to my office on time. Bellydancing update: Given that the recital is on Easter Sunday, you can well imagine that most people are not going to be around. Go figure? So, I signed the sheet to participate in said recital and realized that I was it. So, I asked my lovely instructor what would happen if no-one else signed up and she said that I could do it solo. AAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEE. Okay. This is my first recital and my first bellydancing class ... hell this is my first dance class ... and I have to go solo, eep! Well, you can imagine that I am on super duper campaign to break fingers if I have to in order to get at least one other person on board with me. On the upside, if I go it alone and screw up royally, who will know? so in the end it could work out and Duke should have no problem getting plenty of pictures of me.

Flashback. I was in grade one and we were going to be performing in the Christmas concert. My teacher asked us if any of us danced. In giddy happiness and utter naivety, I raised my hand. Afterall, I loved dancing around the living room with my dad. I was chosen to be one of the ballerinas. It was lovely and if I do say so myself, I was one of the best ballerinas of the 5 of us. We practiced and I had so much fun and felt magically delicious.

And then ...

We were told that we had to bring in our leotards and tights. Wow, coolness prevailed and I danced home to tell my mom what she had to get for me. Now, you must understand that my parents really didn't have any money and looking back I realize that this was a big expense for her. She figured that it didn't really make sense that she would have to buy this stuff and asked my teacher about it.

And then ...

I was put before a big bright light in a concrete room while they fired questions at me. Why did I lie about being in dance? Why did you lie? Why did you lie? I felt incredibly stupid because I didn't know, I misunderstood the question. I didn't lie but I was too ashamed of my apparent stupidness that I let them think I had lied. I got demoted to the back and had to be a tin soldiar.

So, really destiny has fullfilled itself and karma has prevailed and now I get to be the star of my little beginner class and I might have to wear pink because I will be the fairy princess of my 5 year old self.

okay ... sleep now ... to sleep perchance to dream of choreography delights and sweats broke out in loss of rhythm.