Two Rooms and A Girl

I am still exhausted from my weekend where I decided to do the clean sweep, reorganizational, redecorating extravaganza. Take a budget of $500 some odd dollars, many trips to Ikea and Canadian Tire, one girl and many wicked dust bunnies and the revamping of an office and a living room and at the end of the weekend you will find: Two incredible beautiful spacious looking rooms. A pile of boxes, recycle bags and what was a pine rolltop desk hammered into bitty pieces of wood all piled up in the back alley awaiting the garbage guys. One girl with dried and splintered fingers, sore muscles, a spasmed back (thanks for the rub Roo but I many need another one, heh heh), and sleepy sleepy tired eyes. I figured if I could spend that much energy and time on my house than I needed a treat just for me so I also managed to fit in time to go shopping for bellydancing costume delights. Roo and Asylus came with and I am ever grateful to them for making me try stuff on and ohhing and ahhhing over me in the costumes. It was lovely and I left with a lovely top and harem pants for which to shake the belly with as well as the most beautiful skirt which I can wear almost anywhere and did actually wear to work yesterday. I felt beeeuuuutiful. So beautiful in fact that I zipped over to the shopping center where I bought more lovely make-up for me. This exursion found me buying a lovely tinted moisturizer from MAC, an eyeliner definer from Chanel, a lovely shade of lip glass from MAC and a lovely new lipstick from Chanel, a fantastic eye shadow from MAC and the four pack Euphoria eyeshadow from Chanel. And some more brushes 'cause I am in love with the MAC brushes and what they do with the product and the lovely way they sweep across my face. Sigh. Small pleasures for a worn out girl.

In other design news ... I have the opportunity to design an exhibition for the National Primary Health Care Conference in Winnipeg. This includes editing footage and various products into a video, putting together an interactive web design and all the design elements which will go up on the display. Its very cool because this is something I can use in my portfolio and it fits in with my future career plans and is one step closer to fullfilling my dream of creating a viable business for myself. Of course doing this on top of the rest of my job all equates to a very busy me in the next couple of months but whatever ... busy is good and makes for an exhausted but happy me.

In other news, the Turbo Hula Extravaganza was wonderful. I really enjoyed watching Turbo dance and I think she is amazingly talented, beautiful and yes definitely HOT! The battery on my camera died, bah! but Alleycat saved the day and I took many many pictures on her camera. Once she downloads and sends to me I will be posting under photostories so I can share the wonderous beauty of the Turbo with you all.

Must work now because I have much to do and many miles to wander before *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* ... damn - spring cold has sprung.