sick sick sick

Well, quick update since I haven't been around. My grandpa died last Monday, don't really feel like saying anything more on the matter other than - thank you to everyone who was there for me, you know who you are and I really really appreciate it! The funeral was delayed and will be this Saturday as the summer twines to an end.

Other update - I am sick, sick, sick and whine whine whine I don't like it one bit. Unfortunately because I was off work all but one day last week, well ... here I am stuck at work with my box o' kleenex and some extra-strength cough syrup and plenty o' liquids and wahhhhhhh I want to go home, sniff!

So, the lovely Duke went out last night and rented season one of Six Feet Under. Okay, this is my new best show and we sat in glorious wonder through six episodes last night while I drank hot spiced tomatoe soup and many cups of bengal tea. Any guesses what I'll be doing tonight, yup yup yup : ) ... I highly highly highly recommend this to anyone who has not had the privilage of seeing it yet. It is darkly richly funny as hell and beautifully filmed and oh my god I want to go home, curl up and watch the next 7 episodes, eep! Anywho, I would say more but I am exhausted and well sick and the whole point in me dragging my sad sorry ass to work is because I have mucho work to do so I am off to it. sad sorry pitiful me ... I am such a baby when I'm sick ... : (