working from home

Top 5 great things about working from home: 1) the sun is shining through my windows in relaxed sunny wonder 2) wearing comfortable clothes and no make-up 3) a quick shopping spree to buy a dv tape resulting in obtaining a 256 mb memory stick pro for my camera 4) coffee and jelly bellys at easy reach 5) working with quality equipment rather than the substandard geekless world of work

The top 5 not so great things about working from home: 1) lack of motivation ... lack of motivation 2) no coffee breaks 3) no lunch time shopping 4) no home time to look forward to 5) ah hell ... who am I kidding - its great working from home!

Am doing some video production for the conference and since workspace at work does not have the capacity for such things, I get to work in the comfort of my home ... its lovely. And yes kiddies, I am working and did get up and dressed at the same time I always do on a weekday. I could sooooooo have my own business at home and be motivated to work (after much coffee and croissants and the ever popular new addiction of jellybelly beans) especially if I got to do stuff like this all the time. Some day ... some day ... when courses are completed and portfolio is built and contacts are firmly established.

I could definitely grow to like this so long as some sort of money was rolling in ... I am more motivated now than ever before. okay, on that note .. back to work .. in my lovely home space ... wheeee!