Did You Not Get The Memo?!

To all those I love and care about: You are not allowed to get sick, spend time in the hospital, die. Do you hear me, no-one dies on my watch people!

Please ensure that you follow the rules as outlined below. If you know me, if you know I love you, if you suspect I love you or if I am somewhat peripherally involved in your life then it is imperative that you comply with these rules.

Rules for knowing me: 1. You are not allowed to get sick beyond the slight snuffle bumble of a cold or the 24-48 hour flu bug. 2. If you are sick than you damn well better do everything to get well soon. 3. There will be no emergency trips to the hospital, especially the University of Alberta hospital. 4. There will be no deaths. Got it .... no deaths.

These rules may seem strong and somewhat dictorial, however, I have had a family member die at the University Hospital for two years in a row now (my lovely sister and my grandfather) and I am not prepared to go through this for a very long time.

So, until I state otherwise ... the rules are in effect.

Your compliance with these rules are very much appreciated and you will be warmly rewarded with plenty of smiles and sunshine, The Management of Pluckthepetal.com (a.k.a. blackdaisies/orangedaisies/darlene/kanga/kalina/'daisies/and any other name I choose to go by) The following clickable footnote contains reasons for today's memo: clickable footnote.