The Fake Friday

Today is friday. Well, in my world it is friday and I am spending it as though it is friday. That means many crazed meetings and a scramble to get stuff done on my desk in order to minimize the amount of work I have to take home for the weekend. That means a lovely leisurely lunch with a co-worker friend and an extra long coffee with another, just because its friday. Well in my world its friday. To celebrate the fact that I have taken tomorrow off for a well earned mini vacation long weekend, I went shopping last night ... heh heh. Yes, its true, I am out of control.

On Tuesday I went shopping with Asylus where we filled a cart with all kinds of home decorating goodies and then realized that we really didn't need any of it, so abandoned the cart and left feeling mucho richer and mucho freer. Of course the poor worker bees who had to put away our stuff were probably not feeling quite so happy with us but whatever. To celebrate our restraint, we landed in Future Shop where much dvd buying was done. We were exhausted and so went for some lovely food and drink only to find ourselves in Wee Book Inn where I indulged in some book buying.

Yes, its true, I am out of control.

Fast forward to last night where I went in search of the perfect bag/purse and found instead: a lovely pair of Anne Klein black pumps (they are beeeuuuutiful), a pair of much needed jeans, a cute skirt and top from Mac and Jac, and a lovely green shirt much like the colour on my site. Heh heh. Also, given my new make-up obsession, I had to add to my purchases a Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey (thanks Chelsea - it is most wonderful); Sheer Pink Loose Powder with Puff (and what a puff, all pink and girly, oh my god); and the a Moisturizer (Moisture Surge Extra Thirsty Skin Relief) I had to do it because a dry skinned girl like myself can never have too many moisturizers, plus, the lovely lady at the Clinique counter showed me this lovely trick with the loose powder and the moisture surge where you mix them together and rub on your cheeks or decollege to add a lovely brightness, subtle yet light catching. I feel pretty, oh so pretty.

Yes, its true, I'm out of control.

But tonight will find me good and going to the Aidenator's Celebration of Learning and then Bellydancing and then home to sleep so I can get up super early and hit the highway to Calgary. I am looking forward to staying in Calgary as we will be in a lovely hotel downtown and I have made plans to see my brother for a sushi extravaganza that we do so well. Duke and I are going to the zoo, wheeee! I love the zoo and will take tons o' pictures. And of course the shopping 'cause I've got some leads on some great shoe stores. Shoes might well be my new passion. Oh hell, who am I kidding ... I am passionate for all things style.

Yes, its true, I'm out of control.

I truly love the fact that I am old enough to know what looks good on me and young enough to enjoy the fun of it all and at a place in my life where I can afford the luxury of good quality and at a point in my career where wearing great clothes, sporting make-up, jewlrey and good heels doesn't leave me looking all dressed up and out of place but rather fits me right into the style of my peers and managers. 'Cause frankly I work with some women who are incredibly stylish and look amazing and if that is what the forties and fifties can be ... well ... I'm glad I'm well on my way.

And now I must simply grab a coffee before making my way to my next meeting, heels clicking all the way. Dahlings ... have a wickedly wonderful weekend!