odds and sods before lunch

The words will suffer for the sake of the glossy cover and I wonder if the space breathed between the line has lingered over a latte cafe moccachino frappie cream based tart. I'm busy and a wee bit stressed and am dreaming of fatty substitutes for real food. So, I spent last eve downloading and organizing literally hundreds of pictures and have decided to post in small sections under orangedaisies my adventures from my mini vacation. Last night I put up the white siberian tiger, tonight may very well be the monkeys or the canadiana wilderness or my very own version of sim city taken from the tower. We'll see.

Update on Saturday's girl sex toy party a la Miss Tania and myself. Now, apparently, the woman who is organizing this thing was supposed to call me. This has not happened. We have moved the party to my place from Tania's due to various conflicting events, one being that Pickle's mother will be in town for his play (go see it by the way 'cause its a good play plus it features Duke's ex (its a small town really) and I've always enjoyed her acting.

Anyway, the Duke has a gig on Saturday night so will not be there (no worries, the only boy will be the Aidenator who is trying to wrangle up a sleepover 'cause he doesn't even want to be around that many girl germs and if the sleepover happens not to work out, trust me when I say, he says he won't come out of his room for all the chocolate eggs in easterland) and I am going to buy a swack of red wine and maybe even get domestic with some treats ... maybe ... The problem is this ... I don't know what time it is supposed to be at??? I have no details on what's needed??? Tania ... here is my public cry for Help!! and here is my announcement to the confused masses who have no idea the party has moved to my space Wheeee! ... bottom line is ... much fun will be had and girly hijinxs will ensue.