Spring Flings

Its warm and dry, its snowing and slick, its muddy and moist, its warm and dry ... yup its Spring in Alberta. 10 bestest things about Spring as follows: 1. The daisies 'cause its all about me! Hurrah (sorry asylus) 2. The first tentative foray onto the patio ever grateful for those warm heaters burning the top of my head while my cheeks flush from too many ciders. 3. Opening the garage and cleaning the cobwebs off my bike for that first wheeze down the trails. 4. Cute girls and guys sans big bulky coats. 5. Driving with the Ben Folds blaring and the moonroof open, wheeeee! 6. The summer vacation planning, the booking of coastal campsites and the anticipation of renewing my love of the ocean. 7. The trip up to Jasper to inhale the scent of towering power of the rockies. 8. The first green bud which grows and bursts and replaces the grey brown of this fair city with lush greenery. 9. Walking in the rain and sloshing in the puddles. 10. The scent, the smell, the intoxicating waft of damp earth, poignant flowers, green grass and melting car tar.

Ahhhhhh ... Spring.

I've said it before and I'll say it again ... I love living in this province because of the everchanging seasons, the extremes of change which seem to go on forever but are actually shortlived. When one becomes unbearable, bammo ... on to the new. Its good for an ADD person such as myself. Summer is hot and sunny and languid; Fall is an incredible influx of colour and vibrancy, crisp and alive; Winter is full of the good white stuff and skating in the park and lovely hot cocoa and warm quilts; Spring is renewing and exciting after the long dark nights ... speaking of which ... spring ahead 'cause daylight savings is this weekend. We lose an hour but we gain a whole lot more daylight.

Sidenote: Duke is gigging at JJ's with The Righteous Mothers on Friday and Saturday. Aidenator has a birthday party sleepover on Friday sooooooo Asylus (and I'm assuming Turbo : ) and I are going with the traditional (traditional in the sense that its what we do when RM has a gig there) JJ's Friday night drinking/dancing bash at the local pub way over in the westend far from the normalacy of Whyte and Downtown. Anyone who wants to join in the fun, let me know.