sunny shadows

Walking downtown shades feeling funky for a lunch time sunlit soul. The hotdog stand is open wafting smells of onion pepper down the cobbled stones. The shadowed wind pricking my skin, the sun dancing across my scalp, the fresh scent of happy relaxed friday afternoon dreams of patio leaves. The brown replaced by the glow of the windows reflection dancing in golden ewes of summer gazes. A camera's eye is need to capture the daze of my expression in happy form, a frothing layer of lightness across the stress dog bark of rampant angst.

Bring on the night, darling friends in fantastic form, liquid gold pouring words across a table of relaxed care. Dark shadows hide a multitude of wrath and pain beneath the guise of sun's reflect. Wander in the deception of a shrugged shoulder and a lost earring floating in obscure relief. Wander in the open eyed guileless smile of a chipped tooth and a bright dimple.

Pour yourself into the spaces within and dance in the darkness of sunlit souls.

The weekend is upon us and I am happy.