movies movies and more movies

Lately I have spent far too much time in stress relief joy hunkered down in front of my television watching dvds. I wonder sometimes why I have cable since I spend most of my time watching movies but whatever ... I pay for the convenience of being able to linger in the space of the following channels: Bravo, Showcase, Movie Central, the Documentary Channel, Space, Independent Film channel and of course TLC. Regardless, I have recently watched some amazing movies. All of these movies though have been frightfully depressing or disturbing in one way or another, which is fine since I like that sort of thing. Brief list includes but is not limited to: House of Sand and Fog; Capturing the Friedmans; and 21 Grams to name only three in a long line of movies. So we realized that we really absolutely must watch something funny and light otherwise a throat slashing may be in order.

We scoured the video store looking searching for that wonderfully engaging comedic movie that we hadn't yet seen and came up pretty empty and walked out with Duplex. After an infusion of quality films, it was predictable, dissapointing and frankly not really worth the money. Duke and I had a conversation about the lack of movies which contain both humour and depth because while I like the dark dramas, sometimes I also want to laugh but not at the expense of losing any kind of intelligent discourse. Now, I am not knocking the need for escapism and enjoyment and all that - its just not my preference. I like to see a movie that somewhat alters my perception or causes my brain to frap onto ideas or has visual knockout appeal.

The other night, I was stressed and tired and in a mood not to be home so I took Duke to a movie. Oh my god, what a movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is. Charlie Kaufman is one fucking twisted genius! I loved it and it was funny and light and deep and dark all at the same time. I'm not going to say anything about it other than ... go see it! Its great! I will own this one and watch it over and over again. sigh. Dare I say that I actually like it better than Being John Malkovich, gasp! Beyond that ... hippity hoppy easter eggs ... my weekend will find me spending too much time in front of my computer doing too much work; spending Sunday freaking out and then enjoying my bellydancing recital Sunday night (I'm super nervous and super excited, wheeee); finding relax time with my honey; bike riding ('cause the cobwebs have been cleared off and the tire pumped up) with the aidenator; and some drinking of cool liquids in the night with my friends.

Have a great Easter everyone.