My First Time

I woke up knowing that later that night I would be going where I had never gone before. My stomach was knotted and fluttery and I was shaking. Of course the shaking could have had something to do with the amounts of copious alcohol consumed the night before, I am not sure. Went with Asylus and Duke to Muddy Waters for some much needed coffee and a little food. I was still quite jittery but managed to somewhat relax and enjoy my afternoon. My bag was packed and I was ready to go.

I unpacked my bag and repacked my bag and then unpacked and repacked again. Driving out to the Theatre all I could think was "why am I doing this? ... I don't need to do this ... this is a crazy thing to be doing!" But I kept going.

I had thought that I had piled on the makeup and was looking quite vamp streetwalkeresque but when I saw the other girls, I realized that I had been conservative and was glad that I had repacked my bag and so pulled my makeup out and reapplied under the lights for more dramatic appeal.

I put on my costume, talked to some of the other newbies and sipped some wine as my palms began to sweat and fears of dropping my veil became even more real. It was encouraging to find out that I was considered to be in my early to mid twenties and then I freaked out inside and thought what is a woman my age doing at a joint like this for the very first time. Sure, there were older girls but they had been doing this for a very long time and here I was with 10 weeks of practice ready to walk under those lights and face those faces ... ack.

Luckily Mel was there and I couldn't have done it without her because we were both feeling the same way and we found an empty room for a quick pre-rehearsal, we built up each other's confidence and we reassured each other as the curtain rose and the dancing began.

It was exhilerating, fun ... oh so much fun ... and wham before I knew it, I was finished and bounding off stage, jumping up and down in excitement. I loved it, loved it, loved it and can't wait until I can do it again. I started bellydancing 10 weeks ago and I performed on stage two nights ago and it was a wonderful experience. I am looking forward to starting up class again in a couple of weeks.