sweet spring snow … not

I awoke this morning to a car covered in snow ... yes that is right snow!!! Blasted snow, freezing whipping icy road covered snow. Its mid-afternoon and the snow has not stopped dumping itself down on spring flowers gracing creeping grass. The day is dreary, cold and I am nauseated and feeling the cold creeping depression of January in mid-April wondering how on earth it was only days ago with a spring in my step, dancing bare legged down the street, sandals flopping beneath the souls of my feet replaced with the woolen winter coat that I had happily put away too soon.I have nothing to say as I am cranky and bundled up in a warm black sweater loathing the grey flurried activity outside. I will feel better when the sun comes out and melts the ice flaked around my painted nails hidden under leathered boots of warmth. T he countdown to the Pixies concert starts here ... 4 more sleeps, wheeeee!!!! I strangely oddly felt the need to end on a high note.